Programme and Project Management

Programme and Project Management

Our job is to inform our individual services and ensure that we consider the bigger picture on how an individual piece of work contributes to our clients' overall business goals. As a result, our team of consultants fully understand your needs and, aligned with your business strategy, always looks to maximise return on your assets.
We believe that companies which organise their projects as programmes and employ programme management methodology are more likely to succeed.

As your delivery partner on business change programmes of every size, we help shape your change agenda and drive results. Working alongside your staff, within your team, across your organisation, we supply programme and project managers, support functions and trusted advisors to support programme governance.
Our project management consultants are highly qualified. We focus our experience into developing our consultants to focus on delivery.

We combine many years’ experience with proven leading-edge methods and tools and ensure your particular environments and organisations are tackled appropriately and effectively. Confidence of outcomes is increased, risk reduced and quality guaranteed because we understand your business and work closely with you.
Inevitably, there are trade-offs and changes that need to be made across the asset portfolio which may require challenges to operating and capital cost, re-prioritisation of activities or even divesting assets and re-organising business operations. We understand the issues and provide the business level programme management function to allow these decisions to be analysed and optimised.

We work with you to prioritise and select the projects that most fit your business needs and our business case approach always considers the full asset lifecycle.
Our capability is all about protecting the asset return on investment by achieving cost and schedule targets as well as the wider performance targets such as fitness for purpose, stakeholder satisfaction and reputation enhancement. This draws on the core skill of delivery and also integrates consultancy to drive performance improvement in the way projects are delivered.

Improved programme performance isn’t just about better project selection, better project delivery, reducing operating cost or cost effectively extending asset life – it covers so much more. By taking a full programme view, we work with our clients to understand where improvement opportunities lie and how these can be realised. We then create and deliver tangible action plans.

Our processes are defined and designed to cause minimal disruption to our clients’ normal business operations and each step of the process is subject to service level agreements with our client, and measured against key performance indicators.