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Customer Journey

Today's companies know that great products are not enough. Projectify's Customer Experience Transformation helps you figure out what your customers care about most, then design great customer experiences, and arm and inspire your employees to deliver them.  

Why Projectify

  • We focus on customer episodes as the building blocks of customer experience—a deeper, detailed view of what truly comprises a customer’s journey—and help you identify, prioritize and reinvent those episodes.    
  • Our approach to customer episodes lets you work across functions to create digitally powered episodes that delight customers and are simpler, less expensive and easier to deliver.    
  • Your customer experience is only as good as what your organization and employees can deliver, so we treat your operating model, IT and talent capabilities as an integral part of your project.  
  • We work with you, not on you: Our results driven approach  ensures that the changes you make endure and that you develop your own lasting ability to sustain an improve your customer experience.  

What to expect

Big boost

Delighted customers, engaged employees and a big boost to your bottom line, thanks to episodes that are simple and digital for customers and far more efficient and cost effective for your organization to deliver.


Gain clear insights into which investments in products and services will result in great customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Continuous improvement

A steady flow of customer feedback that supports continuous improvement and inspires employees to focus on building deeper customer relationships.