Change Management Consulting

It is no longer possible for a business to ignore the fact that change is an ever-increasing, constantly-challenging force in the marketplace, both locally and internationally.

Change intrudes into every initiative an organisation undertakes, e.g. the crafting of new strategic pathways, changing organisational design, re-engineering an organisation’s value- / supply-chain, and so on.

The “change revelation”—and revolution—is the stark awareness of the critical role that an organisation’s people—its lifeblood—have, in managing and leveraging on-going change, in order to drive sustainable growth and success. Simply, manpower’s ability to effectively manage on-going change will determine the ultimate success, or demise, of an organisation.

Projectify is a solutions-based company which specialises in people practices and change management. We deliver authentic recommendations, strategies and roadmaps that will assist organisations with solving their core business issues and/or implementing their strategic imperatives via the optimal usage of its people, practices, as well as various processes and initiatives.

Fact: How an organisation facilitates change-transition with its employees through the use of effective people practices and efficient change management will drastically affect the overall success of any changes or initiatives the organisation chooses to implement. Simply, Change Systems fully and expertly originates, manages and drives all change processes for organisations in a way that maximises the ability to leverage its ideal future on a consistent, permanent basis.

Importantly, we have a deep and sincere passion for what we do, which is striving to ensure that your organisation succeeds in any market conditions it may need to face in order to grow sustainably, far into the future.